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Барвінська Ольга Олександрівна

2)  Mind Map (Асоціативний кущ)

Фронтальна робота

Every pupil had to make up an association map about professions. Name a profession one by one, please.

ІІ. Main part     


-In a year you’ll have to choose an occupation for yourselves. So you should know which careers are top, what professions will be required. Watch, listen and name these top careers.


  flv «Top Careers of the Future» http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNeIVqaIQeY...feature=related

Post-Listening Activity   (Перевірка результатів)

Presenting Vocabulary                                

1.A computer network analyst – a person who works with and analyze network (аналітик комп’ютерних мереж)

2.A computer software engineer - a person who writes computer programs (інженер

 комп’ютерних програм)

3.A personal and home care aide -   a person WHO DOES THE ROUTINE OF HOUSEKEEPING for people who can’t cope with that (помічник особистого і домашнього догляду)

4.A home health care aide – a person who looks after sick people at home, give them a medicine, change bandages etc.(помічник медичного обслуговування на дому)

5.A medical assistant (фельдшер)

6.A mental health counselor - a person who helps people to get rid of their bad habits such as drugs, alcohol etc. (психологічний консультант)

7.A personal financial advisor - gives people some financial advices (особистий фінансовий консультант)

8.A financial analyst – studies the financial market (фінансовий аналітик)

9.A veterinary technician - does some laboratory work (ветеринарний технік/лаборант)

Speaking and Discussing

Робота за презентацією« A career choice»

  Speaking and Reading

Робота з таблицею

Task: Look at this chat and say what profession you would be good at.                          


- What professions to your mind are important and why?

ІІI. Summing-up

1. Summarizing. Reflexation.

T: You are so bright!

 Deciding which career direction you want to pursue is the first step in planning your future job. Before choosing a career speak to friends and family about choices they made, surf the Internet, start with the list of great job sites, identify your likes, dislikes, make a short list, select a few professions that match your interests and find out about these professions.

T: Our lesson is coming to the end. Did you enjoy it? I hope you did. You showed good knowledge in English. Thank you!

T: You were very active and hardworking, thank you!

 T: Your marks are… because your pronunciation was…

2. Homework 

T: Your home task is to make a booklet about your future profession.                                        

 Our lesson is over. Good bye!

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